Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Europe in many dishes, 9: Meals on the road in mid-Wales..

Driving from North Wales to mid-Wales into South Wales and the Cardiff area, we stopped in mid-Wales for lunch in Machynlleth and afternoon tea in Brecon. Lunch was in a deli-cafe, the Blasau, which was housed in a lovely old building with sloping, creaking floors and half-timbered walls, and which specialises in all kinds of delicious very local and wider Welsh products.
I had a very good wild boar ham salad, while David had an organic smoked-chicken salad. Both well accompanied with three very nice breads--corn and herb; a dark walnut bread, and olive bread. Fantastic!
Afternoon tea in Brecon--home-baked sponge cake washed down with tea-- was taken in a very unusual building--the parish church of St Mary's! It is actually a working church, not a deconsecrated one and it felt very odd at first to be sitting down to tea and cakes under the stained glass! But nice too, very peaceful. And certainly a first for us!

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