Sunday, June 29, 2014

Europe in many dishes, 22: Glorious cake in La Glace, Copehangen

Since 1870, Copenhaguers have been coming in droves to this fabulous 'konditori'; as patisseries are called here. And you can see why when you see the array of beautiful mouthwatering cake on display! We had afternoon tea there--a very expensive proposition, but a delectable experience!
Nearly all the cakes were gorgeous layer cakes--these types of cakes are Danish favourites--featuring lovely cake layers sandwiched with whipped cream or custard or mousse. The cake we chose(and shared!) was called Volmer Sorensens Jubilaeumlagkage, and was a deliciously extravagant concoction made of layers of creamy nougat in whipped cream, with a macaroon base, apricot jam, vanilla custard, marzipan and green hazelnuts. The bill for coffee and tea and one cake came to 175 kroner--around $37! But never mind, it was one of those things you should do at least once!


  1. $30 for afternoon tea at a famous historic bakery is not unreasonable. I have paid similar prices in Melbourne at ordinary cafes. Sounds like you got something special. A pity you weren't in Mrlbourne in the1980s(or were you?) when the Stoke House did afternoon tea, before it went upmarket - and burned down - when it served amazing afternoon teas - Sachertorte and Bienenstich and four huge scones with cream and jam served with an enormous pot of tea or coffee... Then it turned into a restaurant of the kind you could only afford to visit for a birthday or other celebration.

  2. Actually, it was more like $36, Sue--and in fact it was the tea and coffee that were outrageously priced, around $13 per person, the cake being the same. we only had one slice between us, not two!
    The Stoke House sounds great, what a pity it's not there any more!