Saturday, June 28, 2014

Europe in many dishes 19: smorrebrod!

I'd been looking forward to smorrebrod--those lovely Danish open sandwiches--since we arrived but Odense was not the place for such things(Odense in my opinion was disappointing in terms of traditional food!)and in the other places where we ate, we'd gone for other things..but Copenhagen is where we ate our first, take-away smorrebrod, and they were great, interesting and tasty combinations. Mine was pork and sour-sweet red cabbage with plum, peach, gherkins and salad; David had a  fried fish one with those lovely little fjord shrimps we've got quite fond of, and salad. The unpretentious little place where we bought these had a whole selection of delicious combinations(some illustrated). We'll be back!

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