Monday, June 30, 2014

Europe in many dishes, 22: Copenhagen menu-on-a-plate

In a very nice, unpretentious cafe/restaurant, Cafe Nytorv today, on Plads Nytorv, not far from the National Museum where we had spent the morning, we had one of the nicest meals we've had in Copenhagen: a whole Danish  menu on one plate in a way, and with an avkavit(schnapps) shot to begin with. Basically it was three excellent smorrebrod pieces on one plate: a delicious sweet-cured marinated herring with onion and capers, breaded fish with a great remoulade sauce, dill and salad; and a lip-smackingly tasty roast pork slice with scrumptious crackling and sweet-sour red cabbage--each on thick dark seeded rye bread. The avkavit(which you have only just before the meal, but with a little rye bread) was really nice too, mellow and smooth. And the price was very reasonable for such a large and satisfyingly good meal--each plate being 148 kroner(around $30) and the avkavit 30 kroner(around $6). A good note on which to end my round-up of eating traditional Danish food around the country!
Off to France tomorrow but will be having a break from posting as no internet the first few days. Rendezvous in southern France in around 10 days' time!

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