Monday, March 28, 2016

Boiled eggs as centrepieces to entrees

I love boiled eggs--at breakfast, lunch, and at dinner--the latter especially as part of a colourful entree. (Our chooks of course produce beautiful eggs!) In this post I'm featuring two such entrees, which are very easy to make, and start off with one boiled egg per person. Each entree also features a dab of tasty red Danish lumpfish caviar--optional of course, but a different type of egg :-)
Peas, different types of tomatoes, and herbs--with eggs!

Yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, crisp-battered sage leaves and crisp-battered scraps of smoked salmon--with eggs!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Garden bounty

Tomatoes and herbs from the garden, mushrooms from the paddock(after rain)

A home-grown cornucopia

The late summer/autumn fruit has been great this year! Missing in this pic: lovely figs too!

Lovely creamy mash made from home grown spuds(with sumac sprinkled on top)

roast baby tomatoes