Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Around Europe in many dishes, 3: great Australian restaurant in London!

A happy accident the other day in London--I was wandering around Notting Hillwith my son Xavier  looking for somewhere to eat and just happened on a rather nice-looking restaurant near Welbourne Park, called Granger and Co. The menu looked good and the prices not too outrageous, for London anyway, so we decided to go in. As we were sitting studying the menu and deciding what to get, we were saying to each other--gee, this place feels kind of Australian--something to do with the attitude of the waiters, the bright breezy feel of the place, and the very fresh-looking fusion food. Well, we asked one of the waiters--who wasn't Australian by the way--and she said, oh yes, it's owned by an Australian--by Bill Granger, actually. We were rather tickled to discover that we had indeed picked out that vibe!
It was absolutely excellent food--we shared an entree of fried calamari with green papaya salad, then I had a main of fresh pappardelle pasta with pork ragu and braised chicory, while Xavier had a lovely fish and pumpkin curry. For dessert we shared a beautiful pistachio pavlova with yoghurt cream, strawberries, and salted butter caramel icecream. The whole washed down with a very nice little Italian rose. Fabulous, highly recommended!

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