Sunday, June 22, 2014

Europe in many dishes 13: Sandwich fish dinner--not a sandwich in sight!

The charming little town of Sandwich on the Kent coast is known worldwide for the fact that its Earl was the first to popularise the something-between-two-slices-of-bread which for ever after took its name from the town. But in fact sandwiches are not the big thing in Sandwich; rather, fish and seafood. And on a lovely balmy evening there we had a delicious dinner in a little harbourside restaurant: crispy whitebait to start followed by mussels, fried fish, prawns and scallops and sardines. Neither the mussels nor sardines were as good as in Wales, I think:the mussels  a little too big and fleshy, the sardines a little dry--but the whitebait was fabulous, and the prawns and scallops too. But the accompanying salad was a little too garlicky even for our garlic-loving taste! And hardly any vinegar. I do love my vinegar!


  1. I'm starting to wonder if you have been travelling just to eat ! ;-)

  2. Well, this blog is all about that! And discovering a country's cuisine is certainly one of the joys of travel! Lots of other non-food photos on Facebook..