Thursday, June 26, 2014

Europe in many dishes 15: Gorgeous fish dishes in Jutland

Today we did a wonderful self-drive tour of south west Jutland and were in the beautiful little riverside town of Ribe for lunch. This town, which was once a Viking stronghold and whose centre has stayed intact from the 16th century, also specialises in wonderful fish dishes, and I was really craving fish after too much meat on the last couple of days in Odense restaurant--nice meat, sure, but fish was what I'd been looking for in Denmark since we arrived, and Odense, curiously, doesn't seem to do that-the town is awash with steakhouses and grill houses and buffet places, but haven't seen a seafood restaurant yet! Anyway, to cut a long complaint short, today made up for it. We had a lovely fish lunch in the Saelhunden restaurant which is housed in an ancient half-timbered building right on the river's edge, and the food matched the atmosphere!
We shared the plates: a West Jutland speciality called Baskuld which is salted and smoked dab(a local fish) which is then fried and served with egg and chives and dill salad; and the house speciality, Sjerneskud, which consists of two lots of fish, one steamed, one fried, served with small, tasty local shrimp with home-made sauce, Danish lumpfish caviar, and toast. Absolutely splendid!

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