Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Europe in many dishes 14: First Danish meal!

Last night was our first evening in Denmark, and we arrived fairly late in the charming little city of Odense, known worldwide as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. So our first Danish meal was in our hotel, a cosy old-world place called Hotel Ansgar, where we partook of what seems to be a big thing around here--a buffet dinner, with all kinds of meats, vegetables and salads on offer. Here's a plateful: the Danish staple of frikadelle(meatballs made of veal and pork)with a tangy dill sauce; lovely nutmeg-flavoured potatoes; crusty beef; vegies of various sorts; prawns and salmon pate! Salads followed, and cheeses, and a very nice apple compote. Denmark is definitely expensive for food, and we've quickly realised that the 198 kroner(around $40) for this buffet was actually in the very reasonable range!\

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  1. Enjoy! And you're a tourist - imagine if you lived there and had to pay high food prices all the time. :-) Buffet is good value for money, IMO. Looking at the prices at a Canberra hotel where I went for Conflux, I had little but battered chips for lunch and went out for dinner with local friends who knew where was cheaper. Thank goodness the buffet breakfast was part of the hotel deal! And the Regency banquet was prepaid.