Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Victor Hugo markets, Toulouse

I always love going back to Toulouse, the city where I spent my early years with my grandmother and aunts. And whenever I'm back I love going to the famous Victor Hugo covered markets and having lunch there in one of the many restaurants above the markets which serve fabulous and very reasonably priced lunches made from market produce, all deliciously fresh. Today we were thee and took a menu at 12 euros 50---entree, main course and dessert--which for my part consisted of a lovely squid and mussel starter in a spicy sauce with a little puff pastry to go with it; guinea fowl in Provencal sauce, and a deliciously unctuous 'petit pot', a kind of baked cream, flavoured with salted-butter caramel(entree and dessert pictured here.) Fabulous!

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