Friday, September 7, 2012

Food in Krakow part 4

Cheap lunch today at a little restaurant called Jadlodajnia, a classic 'self-serve' restaurant in the area just over the river, near Schindler's factory musem, serving traditional Polish food, simple and nicely cooked. And amazingly cheap, too--we had beetroot soup, carrot salad, sauerkraut salad and kompot(a drink made from stewed fruit, in this case plums--it's common in Russia too)for 19 zloty for the two of us--ie about 6 bucks! The soup itself, which was beetroot with some beans as well, was only 4 zloty a bowl--ie just over a dollar!

We had a light lunch so as to be able to indulge in another Krakow pasttime, cakes and coffee at one of the many wonderful little places scattered all over the city where you can order tea, coffee, wine or vodka with your gorgeous cake or lavish icecream concoction. And wasn't it well worth waiting for! I chose a cake called 'Angielski'--I think it means 'English' but I've never tasted a cake like it in England! It was a glorious concoction of layers of chocolate sponge, coconut, walnut and coffee butter cream, perfectly made, rich and luscious yet also light in feel and not too sweet--that's often the problem with shop-bought cakes in Australia I find: too sweet. These were more like cakes in France or Austria or indeed Russia where the cakes were also delicious(the best cake I ever tasted on an aeroplane was on our Aeroflot plane from Moscow the other day--a lovely crumbly base and delicious blackcurrant mousse on top--amazing! But I digress.) David had a beautiful raspberry and strawberry tart with a silky custard underneath. All the cakes in that cafe looked wonderful as witness the photos. And not too dear either at all--8 zloty each, or about $2.40!

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