Sunday, September 9, 2012

Food in Warsaw, part 1

Last night, our first night in Warsaw we went restaurant-hunting in the area near where we're staying, in the lovely Art Deco hotel, Hotel Rialto, in the southern part of the city, and happened across a most cosy and friendly one called Radio Cafe, named after Radio Free Europe for whom the owner used to work for in the mid-50's, when doing so meant risking ten years in prison. The resto's decorated with photos of Radio Free Europe personalities and the food's traditional Polish mostly with a few international dishes. Craving vegies other than brassicas and carrots, I had an avocado vinaigrette for a starter and then a nice plate of 'golabcki' or cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice, and David had the bigos, or hunter's stew, a characteristic Polish dish made of different meats and sauerkraut, the whole of which has been simmered for ages so the sauerkraut is very soft. It's a bit of an acquired taste--and I'm not sure we did acquire it! Both dishes were very well-made though and the place had a great atmosphere as well. Value for money as well--109 zloty for two courses each(David had dessert,a prune tart, instead of an entree)plus beer and vodka(bison-grass one) and water.

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