Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lunch at My-My(pronounced 'moo-moo'), Moscow fast food chain

My-My is a famous restaurant chain in Moscow that serves cheap and cheerful traditional Russian food--it's a system where you queue up with your tray and choose from the many yummy things on display--soups, salads, hot main courses of all sorts, also pelmeni, piroshki etc and cakes of various sorts, as well as drinks of course. The restaurants are always packed and for about 400 roubles a person(about $12) you can have soup, a main course and a drink. Pretty nice and very fast!


  1. A cafeteria, then? Sounds good to me and is making me hungry. So what did YOU have? :-)

  2. I had a very nice borscht and a chicken fillet with potatoes and mushrooms, all very nicely cooked and quite succulent--and a cabbage salad.