Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Food in Krakow part 2

Last night we went to a famous restaurant in the Jewish quarter, called Klezmer Hois. It's in a lovely 19th cent building and the decor inside is very charming, lots of memorabilia, mirrors, etc. There's music there every night too, of the lively, melancholy traditional variety known as klezmer. And the food's great, all kinds of nicely-cooked traditional Polish Jewish food.
For starters, I had a clear beetroot soup while David had a thick hearty soup fetchingly called Yankiel the Inkeeper's Soup, which had mushrooms, meat and onions in a thick soup flavoured with cinammon. The soups were accompanied by delicious little crusty caraway-flavoured bread rolls. Then I had some nice but a little bland chicken knedlach matballs in a good dill sauce, and David had some great goose livers done in onion and apple sauce, over mash, which he washed down with beer. To finish off, as we were too full for dessert, a yummy little honey-flavoured 'Krupnik' liqueur as a digestif!


  1. Knedlach aren't made with chicken or any other meat, not sure what you ate, but if it had meat in it, it wasn't knedlach as I know them. They're made with matzah meal. You do often have them in chicken soup, especially at Passover, when you can't have noodles. My mother makes the BEST! ;-)

  2. Right, I see--but these were definitely called 'chicken knedlach with dill sauce' and they definitely had meat in them--could be maybe a combination of matzah meal and minced chicken? Maybe it was the chef's variation of the dish.