Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stopover in Pithiviers

Back in France now and on our very first night, on the way to Gascony and the home of my parents, we stopped at the little town of Pithiviers, famous throughout France and beyond for its lovely almond tart. We stopped at an excellent hotel called Le Relais de la Poste in the very centre of the town, one of those traditional French hotels where you get a good room and a good dinner and breakfast for a very reasonable price. The restaurant was excellent and for 18 euros we had a delicious three course menu. I had a salad of mussels and artichokes and lardons, or bacon dice, for a starter, then a succulent piece of steak in mushroom and green pepper sauce with veges for a ain course and of course a Pithiviers tart for dessert! David had a salade campagnarde, ie with ham, goat cheese, tomato and more, for a starter, roast guinea fowl for main course and two types of Pithiviers cake for dessert(the second one was called a fondant and was more of a thick paste inside and cakey rather than the classic mille-feuille tart). And my brother Louis had duck pate with salad, a blanquette, or stew of lamb and fresh fruit salad. all very delicious!

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