Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Food in Krakow, part 1

Arrived in Krakow now, enjoying it very much. And great to see the large variety of food for sale, both in restaurants, markets and shops. And it's so cheap! Last night had a lovely three course dinner for 32 zloty(about $10 AU), which consisted of traditional Polish sour soup, chlebie, which is made like kvass from fermented rye bread and then sausages, mushrooms, chicken are added--totally delicious and very nourishing! This was followed by breaded pork cutlets with horseradish soup, sauerkraut and buckwheat, all very nicely cooked, and for dessert a lovely, refreshing blackcurrant sorbet with fresh mint sauce. We waddled back to the hotel afterwards feeling a 'most elegant satisafaction!'
Today for lunch, a speciality from the markets--zapiekanka, or enormous sub-type sandwiches, on toasted fresh bread, with mushrooms and sausage or mushrooms and chicken and garlic sauce. Beat the Subway type stuff by a country mile, and very cheap--8 zloty, or about $3.


  1. I went to a Russian restaurant last night and was tempted to try kvass, but it was only available by the litre. Sounds like you may come home needing to go on a diet! ;-)

  2. Actually, because we're doing so much walking, kilometres every day, it's all being burned off!