Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food in Krakow, part 3

Last night we went to the cutely-named U Babci Malini, or Raspberry Grandmother, restaurant in Krakow. Raspberry Grandmother means sweet and kind grandmother, indulgent no doubt to her grand-children, rather the same idea as 'grandmere gateau' in French. It's a gorgeous place, totally quaint and cosy and stuffed full of things--photos, dolls, wall hangings, in short decorated in a totally 'raspberry grandmother' way! And the food is nice too, and very good prices--we had two courses plus a drink for 98 zloty, or about   $28(and that's for two people!)

We shared a mixed plate of pierogi for starters--variously filled with cheese, mushroom, meat, fish--it was served on a big flat loaf of bread, very pretty. Far too many of them of course(portions are big here in Poland, much more than in Russia!) so David had to finish off most of them. Then I had a 'Transylvanian-style fried carp and potatoes' which was pretty nice except that the carp, though tasty firm white flesh had heaps of annoying little bones--you have to work for your supper! David had roast pork in a tomato and wine sauce, with kasha(buckwheat). Washed down with beer for him and a lovely honey vodka(and water, I hasten to add!). Too full for dessert again but am determined tomorrow to go to one of the lovely cake shops we've seen around here and indulge in some serious dessert!

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