Monday, September 10, 2012

Food in Warsaw, part 4

For our last night in Warsaw, we decided to head up to the Old Town and have something in one of the many restaurants that are scattered just about everywhere there. They have the reputation of being tourist traps serving indifferent food but the one we happened on certainly wasn't like that. Pod Samsonen (literally means 'under Samson' or 'at the sign of Samson'--lots of restaurants in Poland are prefixed by 'pod')is a lovely place with a great atmosphere and a good list of Polish and Polish Jewish food, much more varied than many of the other restaurants around there, friendly, efficient staff, and excellent prices too. To start with we had 'herring Samson', which was a delicious herring salad in sour cream, and an equally lovely smoked salmon tartare, with vodka; and then, for a main course I had fried Galician trout seasoned with garlic and plain boiled potatoes, with carrot and cabbage salad on the side; and David had roast pork medallions in plum sauce with home-made gnocchi-style noodles(not pictured.) This time we managed to have dessert--peaches cardinal(with alcohol that means!)with icecream and whipped cream, and David had little cheesecakes with whipped cream. Beer and water as well, and the whole thing only came to 105 zloty(about $32). A great note to end our dining out experience in Warsaw on!

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