Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food in the UK 7: Traditional pub lunch in England

Today I had the third of my traditional UK pub lunches, this time in England, in a nice old pub called the Talbot in the hamlet of Knightwick on Teme in Worcestershire. I was very keen to eat some game as the game season has started here now, and so had smoked fillets of wood pigeon in a Caesar salad with bacon and steamed potatoes on the side. The pigeon was very nice, thinly sliced and quite rare, rather reminiscent of duck but with a more subtle flavour. But I thought it was rather overwhelmed by the Caesar salad--would have been better with a simpler background salad, perhaps with croutons. David had a perfectly lovely raised pork and game pie--the game in this case being venison--flavoured with juniper, served with quice jelly, salad and home-made chips. I must say I was jealous of his choice, once I'd tasted it! My sister in law Catherine had a nice little red pepper and tomato tart and salad--a bit light on in terms of size but tasting great.
From a very nice traditional local butcher close to the pub, we also bought two brace of partridge(there are two in each brace), shot in the woods nearby and looking perfectly plump and appetising. Planning to cook those tomorrow with chestnuts, red onions, and chestnut mushrooms(a nice brown mushroom.) Can't wait!

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