Saturday, October 13, 2012

Food in the UK 6: Tyrrell's English Crisps

The British are very fond of their potato crisps but there's not only bog-standard big-company crisps around these days. The big Real Food movement and push to local products means you're getting a great deal more variety in all areas of food, and crisps have not been left out! Staying in the West Midlands at the moment, I've been introduced this week to some excellent local crisps, from a company called Tyrrells in Leominster in Herefordshire, the country adjoining this one. (Worcestershire). It's the brainchild of Herefordshire potato farmers looking to add value to their crops--and what value it is! The crisps are truly delicious, made from such local potato varieties as the Lady Rosetta and  the Lady Clare, sliced thinly with the skin still on it (giving a lovely pinkish edge to the crisp)and hand cooked at the premises themselves. There's all kinds of flavours in their 'English crisps' from the simple sea salt to some specific local flavours, Worcestershire sauce and sundried tomato and Ludlow sausage and mustard(Ludlow being in another nearby county, Shropshire). They also make gorgeous vegetable crisps such as beetroot, carrot, and parsnip, flavoured with rosemary and salt, as well as such things as tortillas and popcorn.
The packets are witty, wry and quaint too, with silly, fun photos and captions. A clever idea, and very well executed. Here's the website for Tyrrell's English crisps

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