Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Food in Singapore 1: Simple meal

Singapore has a deserved reputation as a food-lovers' paradise, and this frangourou was quite excited at arriving here this afternoon despite being stunningly jetlagged after a twelve and a half hour sleepless flight from London! Hunger drove us out by six o'clock, we just walked a block or two away from our hotel in Bencoolen St and happened on a mini hawker centre (otherwise known as food courts in Australia and UK)which satisfied our hunger for a tiny $8 per person. This included two courses(two kinds of steamed dumplings, one prawn, one pork-- for starters then a roast duck with rice and glazed pork with noodles and vegetables, with free soup), plus iced tea Singaporean style(ie with condensed milk) plus sliced guava, freshly cut up in front of us. The whole was freshly-cooked and tasty, especially the dumplings which managed to be both light and substantial and for $2.50 for a set of 3 or 4, an absolute steal! Totally simple, nothing in the least bit sophisticated about either food or surroundings, but bursting with flavour. Jetlag disappeared as, replete, we went for a saunter around the bustling streets around about. A nice low-key start to what's going to be a bit of a food expedition all around the city in the next few days!

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