Monday, October 8, 2012

Food in the UK, 3: Traditional Scottish pub lunch

I've been to Scotland loads of times but have never, mystifyingly, or perhaps not so mystifyingly(a little put off by the list of ingredients!) tasted haggis. This time I was determined to do so, and on a rainy day the other day in an unpretentious pub in Dalbeattie in Galloway, did just that--the full works: haggis with neeps(mashed swedes) and tatties(mashed potatoes.) It also came with a whisky, cream and pepper sauce.
The haggis was beautifully made by a local butcher apparently (you see haggises in just about every butcher's window in Scotland) and cooked in the traditional way, the mash was fluffy and tasty, the sauce was truly delicious. And am I a convert to the haggis now? Well, yes,actually, I really enjoyed it, it was totally tasty and delicious and I would not hesitate to have it again.

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