Friday, August 8, 2014

Four days in Seoul, 5: Buckwheat dumplings and ginseng soup

Very traditional old-style dinner menu on one of the days in Seoul: lovely buckwheat dumplings filled with chopped wild vegetables; and nourishing chicken and ginseng soup, featuring a whole(very small) chicken cooked in a ginseng broth. Simple, delicious and quite soothing to the stomach as well as we were feeling rather an overdose of chilli from previous meals!


  1. Sounds yummy. Interesting how everyone has their own version of dumplings. I wouldn't mind trying dumplings filled with veggies, but in my mother's chicken soup I am used to having kreplach, a sort of ravioli.

  2. That sounds pretty delicious too! These particular dumplings were unusual in that you don't often see buckwheat used in Asian cooking--but it used to be quite widely used in Korea apparently.