Saturday, August 2, 2014

Four days in Seoul 2: Super lunch in Bukchon

We went to have a look at one of Seoul's several palaces on the second day and after a hard morning--and part of the afternoon!--tramping around the royal residence and poring over the exhibits in the National Folk Museum, we were pretty hungry and well in the mood for some nice satisfying Korean tucker!
On the suggestion of the staff, we went for a 'set' plus an extra thing: the 'set' consisted of hot spicy octopus and cabbage, with, to cool off after it, delicious cold soup made with seasoned acorn jelly(looked like bits of pale brown noodles, tasted and felt like tofu, but made with acorn flour rather than soy)and vegetables, and plain rice, and to accompany it of course the ubiquitous condiments--very good ones too, not just kimchi but preserved, sweet-marinated thinly-sliced radish, bean sprouts, and shaved white radish; and as well, separately, lovely pork and vegetable dumplings. A triumph!

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