Friday, August 1, 2014

Four days in Seoul 1: First day

We are in Seoul for four days before heading home to Australia and are very much enjoying discovering the city and Korean culture--including its wonderful cuisine! We've been eating out in great restaurants that offer a variety of delicious traditional food, at great prices too. And with each copious main course you also get platefuls of traditional Korean condiments and sides--including, of course, kimchi!
The menu for the first day: Lunch(in a restaurant in Myeongdong area--bibimbap in a stone pot(rice with lots of mixed vegies, beautifully cooked and very tasty); and a lovely beef soup, with thin, tender slices of beed a sweetish broth, plus of course the entrees/condiments of which there were heaps!
Dinner, again in the same area(where we are staying), but in a different restaurant: short-neck clam and prawn soup(quite nice if a little inspiid), and spicy pork in a black bean paste sauce(very, very good).And of course, condiments, though not such a variety as in the first place!

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