Saturday, December 31, 2011

Xavier and Joe's Bloody Mary oyster shots

Another lovely thing we had at Christmas, but which is great for New Year or indeed any celebration, are Bloody Mary oyster shots, freshly-shucked oysters presented on a bed of coarse sea salt, clustered around a potent and tasty Bloody Mary oyster shot. This stunning looking dish was a combined effort by my son Xavier and son-in-law Joe.
Xavier's recipe for Bloody Mary:
Tomato juice
Good vodka(we used Russian Standard)
Worcester sauce
Salt, pepper
Celery(to decorate, can also be used as an edible swizzle stick!)
Mix together in cocktail shaker(quantities as required, to taste). Serve very cold in small glasses with a fresh oyster down the bottom of each glass. Knock it back in one!

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