Monday, December 5, 2011

Writers and editors on food 4: Jackie Hosking

Jackie is a Nigerian born, Cornish Australian who loves good food, good wine and good rhyme. Mostly she is a children's poet, weekly she is the publisher of PASS IT ON - the children's book industry, networking e-zine and every other time she is a mother to her own three children. Jackie also enjoys helping fellow rhymers tighten their meter which she does via her Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service. To find out more about Jackie you can visit her blog

Here is Jackie's absolutely fabulous recipe-in-verse, featuring inimitable Cornish pasties! Love it, Jackie!

For Cornish pasties
All you need

Are steak and onions

Spuds and swede

Shortcrust pastry

Rolled by hand

Salt and pepper

Makes it grand

Forget the carrots

And the peas

And never mince

Your skirt-steak please

The vegetables

Will need some slicing

Watch it though

There’ll be no dicing

Potato first

Chip it fast

Onions, suede

And meat goes last

Layered twice

And piled up high

So much better

Than a pie

Fold it over

Crimp the side

Not too long

And not too wide

In the oven

For an hour

Time to clean up

All the flour

Cornish pasties

Taste just great

And bigger than

A dinner plate


  1. Love the rhyme, Jackie and the pasties sound yum. I definitely have to try them.

  2. From a true Cornishman.
    Great Rhyme, You nearly got it right, meat goes on the bottom first then potato then the onion salt & lots of pepper
    & crimping is always down the middle
    left hand crimp is a hen pastie & right hand crimp is a cock pastie.

    Regards Kernow lowlander