Friday, December 2, 2011

Writers and editors on food 3: Hazel Edwards

Hazel Edwards is one of the best-known and loved children's authors in Australia, with her third published book, There's a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake, first published in 1980, being a great Australian classic that just keeps selling and selling. But Hazel's written many more books than that beloved classic, in fiction, non-fiction, picture books and more, and as well as writing for children, also written for adults. An all-round performer, Hazel's also involved strongly in the literary industry, has mentored gifted children, and taught creative writing, amongst many other things, and is currently pioneering an e-publishing venture. Hazel's site is at

For this series, here's her account of a very special afternoon's menu:

Recently, we had a break up/launch at my home for the Holmesglen Diploma of Professional Writing 'Non Fiction Projects' and 'Writing for Children' Both groups had each completed a book length manscript.They were invited to bring a plate of food to share linked to their title or the theme of their book. It was also my last group of students at Holmesglen as I will not teach there next year,

Samples Included:

The Diffability book for parents of children with Aspergers , stressing differences, not disabilities, had Asp(aragus) burgers.
Unicorn shaped sparkly biscuits for the speculative fiction.
Cottage pie for a memoir drawing on home and Mum's 'Unexpected' cake
Cheese cake for 'In my fashion' , a memoir.
'It Makes Cents',The how-to teach kids about money' had little pig money boxes
Owl cupcakes
A cat-shaped cake for 'The Shape Shifters'
A mountain of chocolate for the climbing novel.

and other imaginative food of the mind links.

(from Sophie: Sounds--and looks--gorgeous, Hazel!)

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