Monday, October 3, 2016

Deliciously simple unusual spring vegetarian entree

This is the time of year, early spring, when the garden is producing all kinds of bits and bobs but not the massive and diverse array that you get later on in the warmer months. There's quite a bit of lettuce and rocket, and the asparagus have just started, as well as fresh garlic and spring onions. In the greenhouse, the tomatoes are just starting too but are pretty thin on the ground. And there's lots of herbs--coriander, chives, sage, parsley, oregano, etc. Bits and bobs as I mentioned but pretty nice ones! Of course salads are a big feature at the moment, but even though I love salad(and we have it at every meal at the moment, sometimes as entree, but more often as a digestif after the main course) there are times when you want something else, particularly in the entree department.
So here's a dish that uses several of those early spring elements in an unusual way: a vegetable/herb pate, with battered crispy sage leaves and fresh garlic. Very simple to make and quite delicious!
You'll need(for 2 people--increase quantities as needed):
For pate:
A good handful of rocket leaves
Four asparagus
A little fresh garlic(if possible)
Handful garlic chives
Lemon juice
Teaspoon sour cream
Salt, pepper
For the battered sage leaves and fresh garlic:
A small bunch of sage leaves per person(say four or five small leaves on a stalk)
Fresh garlic(bulb plus green stem)
Salt, pepper
Cook the rocket with a little butter and only a drop of water. When cooked, chop up fine. Steam the asparagus till tender, then chop into pieces. Chop the garlic chives and a small amount of garlic chives. Mix it all together with a little lemon juice, salt, pepper, sour cream. Leave aside till cool.
Meanwhile make a simple batter with flour and a little water(needs to be thick enough to coat the leaves and garlic). Immerse the leaves and garlic till they are well coated. Fry them in hot oil until crispy and golden.
Serve with the vegetable pate in middle, surrounded by the crispy leaves and garlic. Add tomatoes to decoration if you like. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Sophie, this looks wonderful, delicate and springlike! The crispy sage and green garlic sounds particularly tasty :)

  2. Thank you, Yangsze, glad you like it. It was all truly delicious! I have often made the crispy sage leaves but the crispy green garlic was an innovation and a rather happy one too :-)