Monday, August 8, 2016

Roast carrots with feta and lemon/honey dressing

This makes a lovely entree, or a vegetable side dish, as you wish. Persian in influence, it's been slightly adapted (by me!)
It's also very simple.

Carrots, cut lengthwise
Olive oil
Juice of half a lemon(or lime)
Two teaspoons good honey
Salt, pepper
Some feta, crumbled(we used Bulgarian sheep's milk feta, which has a very fine flavour but you can use goat's milk feta if you want or even cow's milk)
Some chopped chives or other herbs

Coat the carrot sticks with olive oil. Roast the carrots. Mix the lemon juice and honey. Take the carrots out when almost done and coat them with half the lemon and honey mix, then out back in oven for a short while, till they get sticky. Take them out of the oven, pour the rest of the dressing over them, crumble the feta on top of them, and chopped herbs. Serve warm.

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