Saturday, July 12, 2014

Europe in many dishes 25: Perigord delights--in Perigord!

Well, I had my 'Assiette Perigourdine' in Paris but a few days later we were in the actual Perigord--in the beautiful ancient town of Brantome--and had an excellent meal of Perigord specialities--foie gras with fig chutney and walnut bread as an entree for me(fabulous mix of tastes!), while my husband and son had a salad of duck gesiers and smoked duck ham; while as a main course, my husband and I had succulent confit de canard(duck confit) with sauteed potatoes with parsley, while our son had a 'bavette' (skirt steak) with wine and shallot sauceand chips. All washed down with a good honest Perigord red wine. Very satisfying indeed!


  1. Walnut bread? Is that bread with walnuts in it or what? I imagine something sweet.

  2. No, it was actually quite savoury bread, but the fig chutney was sweet-sour, went very well.