Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sweet Summer 4: Sue Bursztynski's Fruit Ice

In general, I'm not a great dessert eater. I might experiment with something fancy for a guest, usually involving chocolate, but for myself I mostly keep it simple, fresh fruit and such, with sometimes a bit of ice cream. I admit, when I tried Sophie's ice cream recipe from this web site, I made an elaborate version with melted chocolate, glacé cherries and Cointreau, delicious, but next time I went back to vanilla. Properly done, vanilla is best of all.

However, here's a refreshing and basic fruit ice I make with egg whites. I call it a sorbet, because that's what it tastes like, though I believe those involve water; a vegan couldn't eat mine.

I got the recipe from my mother, who got it from my sister, and I have no idea where she got it from, never asked. But it's not only yummy, it's a great way to use up over-ripe fruit, and I've found that bananas make it taste like ice cream, not sure why. You can use any soft fruit - over-ripe bananas, berries, whatever. I once tried orange, but couldn't get the pieces blended in. Still, experiment. This summer I'm going to try mango and various berry mixes.

The basic version is strawberry - you can't beat that flavour! (But the illustration is of a pear and banana version)


Punnet of strawberries
2 egg whites( you can surely find a use for the yolks elsewhere!)
2 tblsp sugar


1.Wash and chop up the strawberries - you'll need to blend them into the egg white, so the finer the better.

2. Using electric beater, mix the egg whites and sugar till soft peaks form.

3. Throw in the strawberries and mix it all up till it's pink and the fruit is well mixed in.

4. Put it into a plastic container and into the freezer till frozen.

Eat and enjoy!

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