Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sweet Summer 1: Vashti Farrer's 'Stripes'

Vashti Farrer is a versatile and popular writer who writes for both adults and children. Her latest book, Ellen Thomson: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, is published by Halstead Press. Vashti's also a keen cook, and here she shares a beautifully simple dessert to kick of the Sweet Summer series.


500g ricotta

500g full-cream yoghourt

500 g thickened cream

Vanilla essence

Sugar optional – to taste.

Fruit eg. Peaches, Strawberries, Raspberries (or similar)

Beat ricotta, yoghourt, cream and vanilla until smooth. Scrape into
a colander lined with a piece of muslin and set over a bowl. Leave
for 24 hours in ‘fridge.

Next day cut peaches in bite-sized pieces, a layer in a dish and sprinkle with sugar. Set aside for about an hour. Halve or quarter strawberries in a separate dish and sprinkle with sugar. In another dish sprinkle raspberries with sugar.

To assemble alternate layers of cream, then peaches, more cream, then strawberries, cream and finally raspberries on top.

Tips: You don’t really sugar in creamy mixture because vanilla is sweet and sugar on the fruit adds sweetness. Also the slightly tart contrast balances with the fruit. Don’t leave fruit macerating for much more than an hour because it disintegrates. Any stone fruit or berries can be used, but probably with mangoes, omit the sugar.

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