Friday, January 18, 2013

Wild meat and garden vegies

I've always enjoyed rabbit and in the past it was easy enough to get, either farmed, as my parents used to buy it from those Blacktown farmers many years ago, or shot in the wild by hunters and sold by the brace to butchers' shops. I don't know why but it seems easier to buy rabbit in Sydney these days than in the country, despite the fact there are still plenty of rabbits out here. Very few on our place for some reason it's hares that predominate. Anyway the other day I took myself off to the butcher to buy one of those rare rabbits--frozen, but locally hunted and shot.
Rabbits have lean meat, but wild rabbits even more so. They are pretty tough generally as they do so much running, so it's no point trying to grill it or roast it as you might with a farmed rabbit, it'd be stringy as all hell. Instead, David pressure-cooked it, sauteeing it first in olive oil, a splash of wine, garlic, herbs(tarragon goes nicely with it)salt and pepper, then adding a little stock and pressure-cooking for about 25 minutes. After that, he simmered it for another then minutes or so, with prunes(home grown preserves from last year)and onions. Served with simple fresh vegs--potatoes and green beans--it was absolutely delicious!


  1. Sounds delicious, as do all your recipes, and if you're going to eat meat, why not an animal that shouldn't be here? I can't eat rabbit due to my religion, but it sounds like a nice simple and delicious meal. Later today I'm going to make the ice cream recipe I found on your web site some time ago - already bought the cream! :-)

  2. Thanks, Sue--it really is simple and delicious! Hope you enjoy making the icecream--I've been making it a lot for dessert in these hot days--flavoured with vanilla, and coffee, melted chocolate, and lots of fruit syrups(home made)and serving it with fresh fruit from the garden. It's an absolutely foolproof recipe that's never failed me. Hope it works for you!Let me know how you go.