Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Croque-monsieur, frangourou style

The croque-monsieur (literally 'munch-Mister'!) is one of those quintessential French snacks, which you see on café menus in France very often. It's traditional fast food, a simple and delicious rib-sticker, with its satisfying crunch of golden-fried bread mingled with melted cheese and ham. But it can be a bit heavy too, especially in summer, so the other day, when we really fancied one, we made a simple version of this classic snack, grilling the bread instead of frying it, using pancetta instead of ham, and adding fresh garden tomatoes as well as cheese and a bit of garlic--a kind of cross between a croque-monsieur and a toasted sandwich--and hey presto, croque-frangourou!
Goes well with a nice salad, or, in winter, with soup.

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