Sunday, November 25, 2012

Spinach and sorrel soup

At this time of the year, both spinach and sorrel are flourishing in the garden, and we have them in all sorts of ways: the spinach mostly cooked but occasionally small leaves in salad, the sorrel mostly raw in salads, but occasionally also made into sauce for fish. But last night I combined both in a Russian-style spinach and sorrel soup, light, nutritious and tasty and just right for a late spring dinner entree.
Here's how to make it(makes enough for 4 people). Finely slice a couple of potatoes and half an onion. Saute in some butter, with some crushed garlic. Add the washed spinach and sorrel(much more spinach than sorrel--only a small handful of sorrel will do.) Stir around. Add chopped garlic chives and parsley. Add a splash of white wine, then good stock--chicken or good vegetable stock. Add pepper, salt if needed(check, though, as stock is often salty). Bring to a boil then simmer for about 25 minutes. Take off the heat and either mash the vegetables with a potato masher, as I did, or whizz in a blender. In a bowl, mix one egg yolk and about three tablespoons milk, stir, and then add to the hot soup. Serve with chives or any other herb you want.
Simple and very tasty! I recommend making it a few hours before you eat it as then the flavours have time to develop.

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