Saturday, November 24, 2012

Home-made kangaroo ravioli

We eat kangaroo once a week on average--it's a tasty, lean meat that is extremely versatile(though like venison, whose antipodean equivalent it is) it doesn't take kindly to oven-roasting, unless it's been well-barded with bacon--kind of a pity as then the taste of the bacon interferes with the taste of the kangaroo. We've had it quickly seared like fillet steak, pot-roasted, curried(it makes a wonderful rogan josh), stewed and the other night we had it in David's home-made fresh ravioli.
He minced the meat first with the hand-mincer(only about 100 grams was necessary to fill enough ravioli for two of us), added chopped sage, crushed garlic, very finely chopped onion, salt and pepper. He made the pasta for the ravioli(just flour and egg) and after passing it through the pasta maker to smooth it out, used the ravioli mould to shape the little pockets, filled them with kangaroo mix, closed and crimped then, then hey presto, a few minutes boiling and they were done! With a home-made tomato sauce, it was utterly delicious!

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