Monday, August 27, 2012

Ukrainian delicacy in Moscow--salo and marinated herring

Went to a lovely Ukrainian restaurant not far from the Tretiakov gallery today, a late lunch or early dinner, I'm not sure which but we had some typically Ukrainian delicacies including one I'd heard about in the Russian Accelerator course I did before coming here, 'salo' or pig fat(yes, literally) cured and cut in thin slices, sometimes also peppered, sometimes also sold as a kind of potted paste. It's a bit of an acquired taste but wasn't quite as sickening as I'd thought it might be--in fact for my taste the potted stuff was nicer, but the peppered slices were quite good, in a small dose washed down with a good dose of delicious berry-flavoured or honey-pepper Ukrainian vodka! Great rib-sticker for those bitterly cold winters I imagine.
The marinated herrings were delicious here too.
Here's a link to a page on how to make salo:

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