Saturday, August 25, 2012

Simple Russian meal

 As we're staying in an apartment in Moscow rather than a hotel, we can cook for ourselves as well, using the excellent local produce. Here's something I cooked up the other night--pork chops with red currant sauce and dill, with pan-fried forest mushrooms, preceded by a simple, delicious entree of red caviar, Siberian vodka and black bread! 
The mushrooms I simply cooked in butter, adding a small splash of vodka, plus salt and pepper. The pork chops were also gently fried in a little butter till coloured on both sides, then I added the red currants in a sweet-sour juice(which I bought from the markets)salt, and chopped up dill, then cooked till pork is done. We had it with a little mashed potato as well. Deliciously simple!

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