Friday, April 22, 2011

What the hell is a 'frangourou'?

That's a frangaroo in English, folks, my own little coining for that weird/distinctive(take your pick, however you feel) mixture that is a French Australian like me. Weird/distinctive because in some ways there's nothing more different than France and Australia, French and Australian attitudes, French and Australian history, French and Australian just about anything. But also because despite all that--or perhaps because of it--there's a big magnetic pull between the two cultures. France is seen as the epitome of cool, of class, of romance in Australia, while Australia is seen as the epitome of freedom, wilderness and possibility in France.
So frangaroos must be seen as a mixture of all those things, right? Wrong. In fact frangaroos are seen scarcely at all. We're not exactly a major part of the census data of Australia, let alone France. But hey we're here and we're proud and we have our own way of doing things, which is not quite French, and not quite Australian, but 100 percent frangaroo.
OK, that'll do, little introductory lecture over. Now to get into the real business of this blog--a frangaroo take on food.


  1. J'adore ce terme! You will have to write a book about it. x

  2. J'ai trouvé un point commun ! La cuisine et les bonnes recettes de cuisine à base de suis mariée à un italien !