Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Simple dinner dish with eggs poached in their shells

I've just finished reading an absolutely fabulous book, Yangsze Choo's first novel, The Ghost Bride. Afterwards, looking on the internet for the author's website, I found that not only is she a fantastic writer and a keen reader, but also passionate about food, and her blog features several great recipes. One of them was for eggs poached in their shells, a recipe she adapted from a traditional Japanese dish called onsen tamago. The eggs are basically cooked in their shells, off the stove, in hot water to which some cold has been added.
I love poached eggs and this seemed like an interesting way to do it. And it worked so well!
I served them on a bed of rice that had been lightly stir-fried and tossed through with onion, finely sliced ginger, young broad beans(the garden is full of them at the moment!)and a selection of chopped garden herbs: garlic chives, coriander and basil, with a touch of soya sauce added, and salt and pepper. The eggs were then cracked over the rice, on each person's plate.
It was absolutely delicious! And very satisfying yet light.

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