Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Easy yoghurt

The yoghurt in process of setting.
We have made our own yoghurt for years and it's excellent, much cheaper than the store-bought variety, and very easy to make. And you need no special equipment. I've been asked to put up the recipe(which is David's invention!)so here it is. We only ever use full cream milk for it as it's such a much better taste; you can experiment with skim but it doesn't set as well, I believe.

David's yoghurt

Ingredients: 1 litre UHT full cream milk, 3 spoonfuls powdered full cream milk, 1 spoonful live yoghurt culture(we use Greek-style yogurt--must be full cream milk yoghurt). Once you have made this once, you just keep back one spoonful from your own yoghurt to make the next batch.

Mix the UHT milk, powdered milk and spoonful of yogurt till well-combined. Heat the mixture to blood temperature(ie the temp of a baby's bottle). Pour into lidded icecream container or similar, and keep at a constant temperature--either in a foam esky or in the linen cupboard or similar.It needs to sit a few hours like that. If you make this in the morning you can then, at end of day, take it out of wherever it's been sitting, and put it in fridge. The next morning, it'll be set and ready to eat!


  1. Where do you get the live yoghurt culture?

  2. Just ordinary(but full-cream, live-culture only) yogurt from the shops--one very good one is the Jalna Greek yogurt which definitely is live-culture as well as full-cream!

  3. Thanks, Sophie! Might give it a go, then.

  4. This yoghurt recipe is wonderful, thanks. I made it for the first time yesterday and it's perfect. Making it at home will save on money and packaging compared to buying yoghurt at the shops.

  5. Fantastic! Glad it worked well--it is such an excellent and easy recipe, we've used it for years, and I thought it was time to share! It does indeed save heaps on both money and packaging. And it tastes fabulous. Enjoy!