Friday, April 24, 2015

Pippa's pumpkin risotto

We've got a lot of pumpkins at the moment--our own nameless variety, cross bred accidentally one year between a Golden Nugget and a Queensland Blue pumpkin and which we now grow every year. They have a lovely, meltingly sweet rich flavour and a bright orange skin which is tough to cut but which roasts to a deliciously nutty softness.
My daughter Pippa, who's a fantastic cook, gave me her favourite recipe pumpkin risotto recipe and I made it the other day. It's just the perfect dish to bring out the flavour and colour of these lovely pumpkins. But any good-flavoured pumpkin would work with it. A great colourful rib-sticker on cold grey days!

Pippa's Pumpkin Risotto

1 Pumpkin, cut in 1-2cm dice pieces and roasted in the oven with olive oil and some chilli flakes (salt and pepper too, of course)
1 cup risotto rice
2L chicken stock, warmed
Leek or onion
Parmesan, about ½ cup grated
Basil, torn

After pumpkin is roasted, you will need to start on the risotto. Cook the finely sliced leek or onion in oil till soft and then add raw risotto rice stirring until it starts to look a little translucent. Then add one ladle a time of the warmed chicken stock until absorbed and rice is al dente. Take off the stove top, add about 25g butter diced along with cheese and stir through, then add pumpkin and basil, stir through and then serve!

It’s best if you use a heavy based saucepan.

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