Friday, February 27, 2015

Newtown delights

Had lunch the other day with my son in Newtown(Sydney), in a fantastic, buzzy cafe called Brewtown. My dish was pretty spectacular: grilled black sausage with eggplant puree, and fennel, curly lettuce, orange and goat cheese salad(left), while Bevis' (right) was very delicious too: tomato-braised warm lamb salad.
Afterwards, we checked out the Black Star patisserie nearby, and came away with a lovely haul of cakes for that night's dessert at my daughter's place: chocolate eclair, crème brulée tart, and frangipane tart. Also shared one wonderful 'cannelé'  sweet-crispy-glazed batter cake with Bevis--the best I've tasted outside of Bordeaux!
Highly recommended, both Brewtown and Black Star. 

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