Friday, March 15, 2013

Crème caramel à la frangourou

I've always loved the luscious creamy slipperiness of crème caramel, and always loved too, that it's such an easy dessert to make, yet so good-looking and tasty. Really the only thing to remember is to plan ahead--it should be made a few hours before serving so it's nice and cold when you eat it.
Here's my simple recipe(enough for two-three people): Two medium-size eggs, 250 ml milk, a large tablespoon sour cream(for an extra nice texture) or plain cream; three tablespoons vanilla sugar(castor sugar flavoured by having vanilla beans in the jar for some time)or just castor sugar with vanilla essence.
Prepare oven--180 degrees C, 350 F. Get a large roasting tin or similar, fill with enough water so it will come about half way up the ramekins/moulds you use to bake the dessert in, and put in oven to warm while you make the crème caramel. This will be the bain marie.
Bring the milk/cream mixture to lukewarm, take off stove. Beat whole eggs and sugar(and vanilla essence, if using) together till frothy and light. Slowly pour the milk mix into the egg mix, beat till well-combined. For the caramel, simply melt a couple tablespoons castor sugar with a trickle of water, stir over the stove(on a simmer) till it turns golden brown. Pour caramel into ramekins or other moulds, pour in custard mix over it. Put ramekins in the bain marie dish. Bake for about 30 minutes, or till set. Let cool, then put in fridge so as to serve cold. Can be eaten by itself or with whipped cream on the side, and either turned out of the mould, or left as is(which is what I personally prefer.) Et voilà!


  1. So, basically, it's custard with caramel? Sounds nice, and I have my own very simple custard recipe, but my oven is still on the blink and I don't have a bain marie or ramekins(well, I do have a couple of ramekins which I have just used as bowls over the years, not sure if they'd stand up to an oven now, anyway). Pity! It sounds yummy.

  2. Pretty much, that's right, it's baked custard with caramel! And it sure is really yummy. You could bake it in a microwave too I think.