Monday, July 23, 2012

Succulently simple entrée

Tasmanian salmon is one of my favourite fish; it lends itself so well to all kinds of dishes, both hot and cold. Here's one of my favourites--a version of sashimi crossed with ceviche served on grilled toast, with a gorgeous salsa, super simple to make and super delicious. It makes a spectacular entrée for very little fuss.
Make a salsa with lots of chopped herbs, whatever you have to hand. we used Vietnamese mint, coriander, and garlic chives. Add chopped garlic, salt, pepper, chilli(we used some of our own home-grown small chillis, but with seeds removed as they are super hot), lemon juice, and olive oil. The mixture should be fairly thick. Slice salmon fillet very thinly, set the individual portions on grilled toast on the entrée plates and spoon the sauce over it. Serve at once. Wonderful!
Another way I love to use uncooked salmon is marinating thin slices of fillet in red wine vinegar(nothing else)overnight. Serve the next day, either just with a little salt and pepper, or a variation of the above salsa. Gorgeous and unusual, and dead simple too!


  1. Both sound so mouth watering I'm ready to make them now! I especially like the idea of the salsa with the Vietnamese mint and chilli heat.

    I can't help myself; I am thinking wine pairing! A Riesling would be lovely with this - off-dry, but with enough inherent sweetness to cut the spice and salsa, and the acidity would balance the richness of the salmon.