Friday, March 2, 2012

My first home-made pasta!

I know, I know, hardly the most ground-breaking thing ever, lots of people make their own! Indeed in our house, David makes it fairly often, and he's made more than the bog-standard fettucine I made. He's made lasagna and ravioli of all sorts and all different kinds of long pasta also, spaghetti and linguine and fettucine etc. In fact he makes it so well I haven't bothered myself--and also, I was a bit nervous as to how mine might stack up against his! So I put it off for years, until the other day when for some reason I decided to bite the bullet.
And it turned out pretty well, for a first effort!
We make the basic pasta dough just with 120 gms of plain white flour and one egg, and a pinch salt. It makes more than enough pasta for two people. I served this one with a sauce made with bacon, dill, cream and mustard but also love the same pasta with vegetarian sauces, such as a rich tomato and basil sauce, or simply sprinkled with salt, a little olive oil, chopped up herbs (basil or oregano or coriander), and chopped up chilli.


  1. That looks delicious!

    I have heard rumours that either my grandmother or great-grandmother used to dry her lokshen (egg-based thick pasta) on the clothesline. When i was a child I so wanted to do this! (Actually, I still do, but a hsared clothesline makes it antisocial.)

  2. Know what you mean! But what a sight that would be, the noodles on the clothesline! (not hills hoist i suppose?)we use the old broom handle indoors as new england sun is too intense and would snap-dry the poor old pasta in no time!

  3. My mother used to make egg noodles for Passover , basically a cut-up omelette, but she said recently that she used to make her own pasta till she found out you could buy it.

  4. It was most definitely a hills hoist. Imagine it spinning!